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Asian Students' Alliance

Identity design work for the Asian Students' Alliance at Vassar College.


Tangram flag

Tangram flag

I sought to connect our student organization with the 1960s Black Power Movement and the fight for Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies. I sought to place a road map for the future of our organization. Thus, the flag is Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and Rose—rose being a historic Vassar color.

I abstracted the Latin letterforms of “ASA”, which led me to the triangle. I was drawn to its geometric simplicity and divine symbolism that transcends technological eras and cultures—both the ancient and futuristic unite in this elementary form. For example, 3D computer graphics are formed through triangles. Synthesizing different East Asian historical design “games,” I created the composition through a system of asymmetric but balanced linked triangles, drawing influence from the Japanese art of flower arrangement (ikebana) and the triangularity of origami, as well as the abstraction game of tangrams, which originated in China. Although the flag was never used, I continued to expand this visual language in other works for the Asian Students’ Alliance.