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Chile: Disaster Management and Recovery

Documentary film about the rise of Santa Olga, a town settled by agroforestry workers that was completely destroyed by wildfires in 2017 and wholly planned and rebuilt in 2018.

2019-05-01UrbanismAdobe PremiereLogic Pro

Article: Students from Columbia GSAPP’s Urban Planning Visit Areas hit by Disasters on Columbia Global Centers

Planning is no longer the domain of just planners. Grassroots efforts and the needs of the marginalized must be centered in post-disaster strategies. We may not be able to predict or prevent the occurrences of disasters, but through planning, we can choose outcomes, whose voices to act upon, who wins or loses.

Short documentary film for Chile: Disaster Management and Recovery studio taught by Professors Malo Hutson and Maria Garces at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) Urban Planning.

Editing: Ri Le, Simon Li.
Interview footage: Simon Li.
Drone videography: Simon Li.
Narration, script, audio production and mastering: Ri Le.
Travel footage: Ri Le, Simon Li.
Assistant Editor: Mingye Patrick Cheng.
Video logging: Simon Li, Ri Le, Yue Han, Mingye Patrick Cheng, Caroline Thompson