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Citi Bike Planner App

Prototype React app that helps Citi Bike riders see which stations are popular in their local neighborhood.

2020-10-01UrbanismData VisualizationJavascriptReact
Screenshot of web app.

Screenshot of web app.

Play with the live prototype app in your browser.

Citi Bike Planner is a web app that helps you see which Citi Bike stations in your area are busy at particular times. If you’re planning a new trip, you can see the activity trends of stations by the hour, which can help you guesstimate whether or not you’ll find a bike during your explorations. If you are just curious, you can look for your local Citi Bike station and see which times of day are busiest in your neighborhood, or which stations are the most popular in your area.

All data analysis, front-end Web development, and sound design by Ri Le.

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